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Entry/ Access Control

If you own or manage a property housing multiple professional enterprises, locking and unlocking the doors every day to open and close the building can get old after a while...especially if there are multiple buildings. There's an easy solution: access control. The system unlocks the building just before the start of business and locks it again after normal business hours. Should someone who works in the building need access after hours, he or she holds an access card to the card reader and the door unlocks. After the programmed number of seconds, the door locks again and a record is kept in the system that shows who entered the building and at what time. In the event that someone in one of the offices has an after hours appointment, the visitor would press a button on the outside panel to view the directory, scroll to the person or office they need to go to, and press the corresponding button. The telephone would then ring in the office and the person who answers the phone would buzz the visitor in by pressing a button on the telephone. Problem solved. There are a number of different options to allow authorized access, such as high security card readers, keypads, biometrics (retina, fingerprint recognition), or combinations of anything and everything on the menu. There is even an option on most systems that can send the elevator containing the after hours visitor to the correct floor. There's enough space in the control panel to house a small CCTV camera. We offer similar systems for residential buildings that can call tenants telephones to allow for similar granting of access to visitors. All of our access systems can be addressed on and off site by the system administrator/ property manager to allow for remote programming and monitoring.

So, if you think we can help, give us a call. We'll come over, take a look around, and give you our best recommendation.

Entry control can be as simple as an electric door release and a push button behind a desk or as complex as a full blown system that can do just about everything except cook your dinner and wash the dishes. We can help you decide which one is the right one for you.

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