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Dutchess Locksmith Service is focused on providing high-quality security products, expert service, and customer satisfaction.

safes and vault services

high security key control locks

commercial door hardware

Since our inception, we've made it our mission to provide the highest quality security products and render the most expert and proficient services possible. Coming from nowhere, starting out small more than forty years ago, doing business the 'old fashioned way', and growing into today's Dutchess Lock has given us a certain appreciation for money...and we'll respect yours just as much as we do ours. Too many businesses just don't seem to grasp the concept that yours are the hands that feed us. We don't subscribe to mediocrity...never have, never will. Our customer family receives nothing but top quality products and services at standard industry pricing. We will take your security personally as if it were our own and we won't waste your money in the process.

So, welcome to Dutchess Lock. You're invited to stay and take a look around. If you see something that sparks your interest, we'd love to talk to you about it. So, give us a call. Operators are standing by (no, not really...but one of us will try to answer the phone what ever time you call)...or just remember us when you need locksmith services. We're Dutchess Locksmith YOUR service.

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